Saturday, January 9, 2016

If You Know, You Know...

A lot of people have asked me why I've chosen to modify my car using the Pittsburgh Steelers as a theme.

A lot of Steelers fans have asked me why I chose a Dodge Challenger Scat Pack over some other current American Muscle Car.

Dodge's marketing slogan says it best: "If you know, you know".

Mopar:  Over 100 years of making some of the best mass produced performance cars in the world; owners of the legendary HEMI engine.  The only car manufacturer with the cajones to come out with a beast like the HellCat.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  My hometown team.  'nuff said.

My car's name is "Renny", short for Renegade, the defacto anthem of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Steeler Nation.

Why is a Styx song the anthem for the Steelers you might ask?  If You Know, You Know...Just watch and you might learn.

To get yinz pumped up for the playoff game today against the Cincinnati Bengals, here's a little something from Benstonium...their 2015 Season's version of 'Renegade".

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