Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nothing Else Matters...Beat the Bungles!

This past week, I've been reading comments from Bengals fans about how obnoxious Steeler fans are; how all we do is talk about our six Lombardis, and "bitch and whine" whenever our team doesn't do well, that we're "fair weather fans".

Well, I can tell yinz this:  Unlike your team, ours has a rich history of winning.  So much so that our standard is winning the Super Bowl....unlike Bengals fans who are hoping for their first playoff victory since 1991...

So, don't blame us if we have higher standards and expectations.  While you may consider a season successful if you make the playoffs (looking at you Cleveland), or win a playoff game, from the Rooneys down to the players, to the millions of members of Steeler Nation around the globe, we strive to win Super Bowls.

You know why?

Because Nothing Else Matters

(courtesy of Benstonium)

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