Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What a crazy race and show season it has been!

The 2016 car show and racing season is quickly drawing to a close.  I'm still slow, but getting faster, and I'd say overall the mods I've done to my car have been well received.

I had high hopes this year in terms of racing; unfortunately, I was not able to do nearly as much of it as I had wanted, and my initial races this year were primarily for test & tunes on the local 1/8 mile track (SumerDuck) which is "hit or miss" in terms of track prep.

However, I was able finally to put together a short string of events these past couple of months, and while I'm no where near where others are getting their Scats to perform, I'm getting better.

First was an all day test & tune at VMP (Virginia Motorsports Park) below Richmond, in preparation for the Demon Performance sponsored Fall MSHS, where I set my (then) personal best time of 12.89 seconds.

I raced in the final day of the MSHS event, and while I had fun, I didn't do so well.

Then I attended the Mopar Eastern Classic at MIR (Maryland International Raceway) where I actually advanced to the 3rd round, and not only dropped my personal best time to 12.700, but had vastly improved 60' times, and almost replicated my best with a 12.751 in a race in which I lost by 0.0116 seconds.  All in all, I had 5 runs that night and my reaction times and 60' times were becoming consistent.

I have decided that 2017 will be the year I attend all MSHS events in my region, if at all possible. The racing bug has bitten me, and I'm definitely infected!

From a show standpoint, I truly have nothing to complain about.

I am proudest of my 1st Place finish at the Carlisle Chrysler National show, especially considering the class I was registered in: 2011 & Up Modified Challengers.  I finished third in this category in 2015, and now have to figure out what mod I'm doing next to try and repeat my success in 2017!

Numerous First and Second place finishes were earned in other shows, and I'm also quite proud of taking Best in Class at the TMP Mopar Madness show for the second year in a row.

I especially want to thank club members Anthony Robinson Jr. and Neichaun "Mopaar" Tatum for their sage advice and encouragement.  They are light years ahead of me in this world of "Mopar" but have always been willing to answer questions or provide guidance.

I'd also like to single out Michael McHugh (SuperBee) and Joe Michael Wittusen (ThunderRT), fellow show and race fanatics for their fellowship and advice, especially in the realm of drag racing...guys, I really appreciate it, and hope to give you some real competition next year!