Friday, July 31, 2015

Test and Tune Thursday - Part II - Rained Out but not wasted time

As expected, the storms that came rolling through Virginia yesterday caused SumerDuck Dragway to cancel Thursday's Test & Tune...

...leaving me to waiting another week to put to practice what I've been researching:  how to launch this beast!

Those of you who may have read some of my work as a staff writer for Behind The Steel Curtain, a Pittsburgh Steelers community ( in the past might know how in-depth I can get on my research...

...for those of you new to my work, I can take the most trite barstool arguments like "...who drafts better, the Steelers or X"  or what quarterback truly is "elite" and research and analyze statistically to the nth degree to determine an answer, such as I did in in these articles originally published on BTSC:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Test and Tune Thursday; Part I

Weather permitting, today is TTT (Test &Tune Thursday) at SumerDuck Dragway, a 1/8 mile track Virginia.

Forecast is not looking good, with chances of rain ranging from 15% to 58% from 2 through 6 pm

Sigh...I really need the practice.  My first foray into the world of Test & Tunes was at Colonial Beach Dragway, also a 1/8 mile track, about two months ago.  There I had the unusual opportunity to get 17 runs in over a 4 hour period.  Since that was my first time ever, I wasn't disappointed with the results, but needless to say merely managing a 60' split of 2.2, a top speed of 87.24 mph and an ET of 8.965 is not where I want to be.  Oh, and my reaction time on this run was a pitiful 1.0065.

This isn't that run; this one was a worse one, earlier in the day.  At some point, I stopped taping my runs and just concentrated on getting better.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to Steel Curtain Challenger!


I hope to use this venue as a chronicle of my ongoing love affair with the Pittsburgh Steelers and American Muscle cars, specifically Mopars.

I will post pictures of my car and other fine examples of the modern muscle cars, Mopars and others, I come across, and recount my experiences with my car at shows, meet-ups and just driving it around.

I will also write about my following of the Steelers, a team I have followed since my early years growing up in Western Pennsylvania.  But be warned, I'm not a homer; many of the things I write may be critical of the team, its coaches or its players.  I don't believe in just writing about rainbows and unicorns, so if you can't stomach constructive criticisms or the occasional WTF!, this site may not be for you.