Friday, August 7, 2015

There's a chorus of new voices for Steeler Nation

Hey Steeler Nation; there's a new and different source for your Steelers' fix and you definitely need to check out.

It's called: Going Deep: An Introspective Steelers Site  I'll let the founder of the site, Ms. Rebecca Rollett describe the site herself:

You won’t find breaking news on our site, although we have a twitter feed on the sidebar to keep you up-to-the-minute : ) But the fact is, you can find “breaking” news on most of the existing sites.

What we offer is a place to take an in-depth look at any aspects of the organization which catch our fancy. As writers, we all have different viewpoints and interests, and we want to generate a discussion about the things that intrigue us. So as much as anything, this is a place for conversations. In fact, I suppose it is more like a virtual Steelers coffeehouse than anything else. Since it doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere, we decided to create our own.

If you're looking for more than just news, gossip or the usual pabulum the "major media" outlets provide; if you're looking for something deeper, you'll find it at this site.  The authors are seasoned writers who honed their voices elsewhere on the Intraweb, but found themselves dissatisfied with the "breaking news" mad rush, and the washing away of substantive pieces from other sites' main screen just to feed the insatiable appetite for mouse clicks.

At Going Deep: An Introspective Steelers Site you will find a wide array of articles that don't merely repeat what you've seen on Twitter or Yahoo, but instead take a fresh, different and deeper look at what many accept as commonplace.  For example:


Character (Ac)Counts - an ongoing series of articles that introduce rookies to Steeler Nation, but goes behind the uniform to give a glimpse of the men underneath 

This is a fledgling site that's only been up for a few weeks, so it's still developing its look, but you should definitely add it to your list of Pittsburgh Steelers sites to check out.  I should caution you however, that you will need to set aside some time for this site; not only to read the articles in their entirety but also to give yourself time to contemplate what it is that you have read. 

The authors at this site don't produce fluff; their work requires a great deal of research and effort on their part, and can be quite lengthy.  But, and I mean this sincerely, you will be glad you made time for their work.  

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